New Members

The following is what we like to tell all new families when visiting West Centenary Scout Group for the first time.

Come visit

Come visit at the Scout Hall for 1 week at no cost. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to be sent the Non-member (F6) form, which we needed completed for the first visit. We normally have spare copies of this form at the hall.

Commencing the 2nd visit, we will need the Youth Member Registration Form (A5) completed. The Group Leaders will process this form and once confirmed by Scouts QLD HQ, you will be invoiced for the Enrolment Fee (see further below for details) due 28 days after the 2nd week.

If you don’t pay by the due date, the membership will be cancelled.



New Enrolment Fee

Based on when you join, this fee will cover the membership fee until 31st of March or 30th of September…

April 2021May 2021June 2021July 2021August 2021September 2021
Youth Members$163$150$137$124$111$98
Rover Scouts$176.50$163.70$150.50$137.50$124.50$111.50
Youth Program
October 2021November 2021December 2021January 2022February 2022March 2022
Youth Members$163$150$137$124$111$98
Rover Scouts$176.50$163.70$150.50$137.50$124.50$111.50
Youth Program

Once your application has been processed, your membership will be approved and the Scouts Queensland HQ will invoice you directly. You will have 28 days to pay the enrolment fee, otherwise your membership will be cancelled.

You will also be invoiced by the Group for the renewal fee due 1 month prior to the next 6 month term (so either 1st of March or September), which will cover you until 30th of September or 31st of March. More details can be found on the Membership Fees & Subs page linked here.

Group Levy & Section Subs

The Group will invoice you for Group Levy & Section Subs pro-rata from the joining date via email. More details on these fees can also be found on the Membership Fees & Subs page linked here.


If eligible, you may be able to access assistance for fees from Queensland Government via the FairPlay voucher program. More info at:


If you decide to join as new Youth Member, you will need to purchase a…

  • Uniform shirt
    There is a different shirt for each youth section, so be sure to purchase the correct one. Also, we recommend the polo shirt if it is available over the button up shirt as the polo is more durable.
  • Queensland Scarf
    When buying from the online Scout Shop, make sure the scarf’s name is Queensland Youth Scarf, else it may not have the state badge on point of the scarf.
  • Woggle
    Recommend a fabric woggle with velcro. They tend to fall off less often than the leather woggle with the metal Queensland shaped badge on it. Also, when the leather woggles are lost in the leaf litter outside, they can be very hard to find.

Uniforms can be purchased from either

  • Moreton Region Scout Shop
    • Cameron Park, Easton St, Booval, Ipswich
    • Hours:
      • Thursdays: 8:30am to 6pm
      • Saturdays: 8:30am to 1pm
      • Closed: ALL Public Holidays & School holidays
  • The national Scout Shop online in Melbourne at
    • The sizing guide is available on the same page as the shirts
    • Badge Placement Chart is available in the website footer

Becoming a member

As soon as you know your child wants to join, you will need to complete the Youth Members Application Form (A5). Please fill in the contact form below to receive an automated email with a link to the relevant application form. Before filling in the form, we ask that you read both…

If possible both parents should sign the form (Part G), or please provide a simple explanation if only one signature is provided (eg Single Parent, or applicant is over the age of 18, i.e. Rovers may sign the form for themselves).

The form includes important information about the new youth member and will ensure that they are covered by the Scout Association insurance. It will also help us and the Scout Association communicate with you.

Once the form is completed, hand it to the leader next time you come to scouts.  Once received, we will make sure that the section leaders have your details so they can communicate with you, and pass your contact details to the Group Committee so they can invoice you for the Group fees and “Subs” (Section Subscription fees).

Cooling Off Period

Understandably Scouts is not for everyone. If the new youth member decides within six weeks of joining that they do not wish to remain in scouting, please write to us requesting withdrawal from the organisation. A refund for paid Enrolment Fee, Group Levy & Section Subs will be provided only if the request reaches Scouts Queensland HQ within six weeks of first joining.

New Membership Enquiries and Forms

By filling in the form below, an automated email will be sent to you with a links to the required forms.  Also, the relevant leaders in the group will be CC’d on the same email.

Please complete the forms, fill in the payment details for the initial youth membership fee, print & sign them then either reply-to-all with a scanned copy of the form or hand it to your section leader that the next meeting.

    Which section are you looking at joining up with? (required)
    Joey Scouts (age 5 to about 7 years)Cub Scouts (about age 8 to about 10 years)Scouts (about age 11 to about 14 years)Venturer Scouts (about age 15 to 17 years)Rover Scouts (age 18 to 25 years)Adult Leaders or Supporters (age 18+ years)

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