Store locations

Most scout shops were moved online to https://scoutshop.com.au and is based out of Melbourne.  They have a sizing chart linked in the footer of the website, and you can send items back for exchange if the wrong size is ordered.

Alternatively, our neighbouring region to the west, Moreton Region, has their own scout shop.

Moreton Region Scout Shop

  • Location: Cameron Park, Easton St, Booval
  • Open
    • Thursday 8:30am – 6pm
    • Saturday 8:30am – 1pm
  • Closed
    • Public holidays
    • School holidays
  • Email: [email protected]

Uniform requirements

Minimum required is…

  • Shirt, specific for the section joining
  • Queensland Scarf
  • Woggle, used to hold the scarf together

Also required…

  • Sun-safe hat, like what is worn at school
  • Enclosed shoes
  • Suitable pants that can be gotten dirty if needed, and is suitable & respectable (ie, not “short-shorts”)

Tips for uniform selection

When ordering a scarf, make sure you order the Queensland Scarf with Badge, not the plain scarf without a badge.

Some youth sections have two shirt types to choose from…

  • Polo shirt – thicker material, can be slightly hotter in summer, but is more durable and is usually the preferred choise
  • Button-up shirt – thinner material, buttons are more likely to come off and is not quite as durable

There are a few choices in woggles, but the two main ones are…

  • Queensland leather woggle – This is the default go-to woggle in Queensland.  As it is slightly cone shaped, it really only grips at the smaller end and is brown leather, so when it falls off on the dirt, leaves & grass is harder to spot.
  • Cloth woggles with velcro – These grip the scarf down the entire length, are very unlikely to fall off and normally have brighter colors and so are easier to find if lost.