aust11The next Australian Venture is in 2018 and will be hosted by Queensland!

A Venture is to Venturer Scouts, as a Jamboree is to Scouts.

Typically the requirements to attend a Venture as a participating Venturer Scout is…

  1. Be an invested Venturer Scout
  2. Have earned the Venturing Skills Award
    (link goes to Scouts Central with more details)
  3. Be at least 14 years of age, and not 18 on the first day.
    So if the 1st day of the event is 2nd of January 2018, then potential participants would need to have been born between 3rd of January 2000 and 2nd of January 2004. BUT, would have needed to be in Venturer Scouts long enough to have earned the Venturing Skills Award.

More will be confirmed in the future, keep an eye on the AV2018 website ( for updates.