Congratulations to three Leaders with being recognised this year for the work they do with Scouting.

Bruce “Wilga” Collyer

Bruce (Rover Scout Advisor) has been granted the Silver Koala award for “Awarded for distinguished service to Scouts Australia as an Adult Member in an active Leadership role, for a period of around 14 to 16 years. It is expected that such distinguished service is at a consistently high level, normally over a number of assignments, resulting in a significant contribution to the wellbeing of Scouting and that the recipient is respected and highly regarded throughout the District / Region / Branch or Nationally.”.

Bruce supports not only the Rover Scout section at West Centenary, but the whole Group.  Since the Group went from 3 Group Leaders to one, Bruce has unofficially helped out as an acting Assistant Group Leader.  Additionally, Bruce has spent his own time helping out with major events such as the Australian Venture in the hospital with his professional role as a Nurse.

Carolyn “Bilby” Holt

Carolyn (formally West Centenary Joey Scout Leader, now in the same role at Camira Scout Group) has been awarded the Silver Wattle award for “Awarded for outstanding service to Scouts Australia as an Adult Member in an active Leadership role, for a period of around ten to twelve years. ‘Outstanding service’ is defined as a performance at a consistently high standard, normally over a number of assignments, all of which have provided positive outcomes for Scouting. This person’s contribution to Scouting clearly stands out from that of his / her peer group.”.

Carolyn and her husband are co-Producers of Rochdale Revue Scout & Guide Show, and has been involved with that show for 15 seasons.  Also, Carolyn as a Joey Scout Leader attended every section meeting, leaders meeting, working bee, and participated in (and organised many) fundraising activities.  She helped support other leaders in scouting as well. I believe this is Carolyn’s first Adult Recognition Award, and it is well deserved.

James “Wombat” Cavanagh

James (Group Leader) has been awarded the Meritorious Service award for “Awarded to both Adult Members and Supporters for meritorious or praiseworthy service to Scouts Australia for a period of around six to eight years. ‘Meritorious Service’ is defined as performing to a higher standard for longer or more intensely, than would be reasonably expected.”.

I’m not one to talk about myself, but including myself for Group archival records.  I’m touched that the hard work that I put into this role as Group Leader, as well as other areas of scouting, is recognised by the section leaders and parents of West Centenary Scout Group and beyond.

As for all three of us mentioned above, I know we don’t do this work within scouting for the recognition, we do it for the youth members.  But it is nice to be recognised for the hard work we do.

The three leaders mentioned above will be receiving their awards on 26th of August at Scout Queensland HQ together with Australian Scout Medallion & Queen’s Scout awardees.